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Who Is V Digital Services?

V Digital Services is a fast-growing, highly effective digital marketing agency headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Offering a wide variety of services to help clients achieve success in the digital space, V Digital seeks to help small to midsize businesses increase their digital presence to gain customers while offering significant increases in revenue and ROI (return on investment).

V Digital Services Overview

V Digital, named a Google Premier Partner, operates in over 300 cities around the country helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve success. Part of their mission is to offer top-tier white-label solutions to media agencies and entities. Another facet of their work is to help their clients tackle digital needs such as SEO, web development, social media management, pay-per-click and programmatic advertising, and paid media.

V Digital’s Mission

V Digital is a full-service marketing agency. They are a creative, branding, video, and marketing services outsourcing company who provide quality service and value to their clients. As their partner, a business working with them can expect to see expanded mobile and web presence, a larger customer base via lead generation, and increased revenue. V Digital offers an exceptional return on investment.

V Digital’s Services

Very few of today’s modern businesses can function without a strong digital presence. V Digital offers a wide variety of digital marketing solutions, along with some fantastic print marketing solutions, to help businesses succeed.

Local SEO

Local SEO and Google Business Profile

As the only digital marketing agency to hit over 90% of Google’s local SEO algorithm, V Digital’s approach delivers. Its Google Business Profile services optimize and maintain listings for its clients. They also offer citation-building services to expand reach as well as ongoing local SEO maintenance and social media reputation audits to help businesses stay on top. Detailed reporting allows them to show results clearly.

Organic SEO

A talented team of strategists ensures that its clients get the traffic they deserve. They research the target audience’s wants and needs and combine their discovery with broad knowledge of industry trends and search engine algorithms, including Google’s. They perform keyword research and ensure the relevant words and phrases drive digital traffic to their client. Credible backlinks that they provide increase authority and also drive traffic.

Paid Media

V Digital provides services to cover all aspects of paid media. They begin by helping businesses develop a budget for their campaign. Keyword optimization, competitor research and analysis, and audience research ensure that the campaigns research their target audiences. Professional copywriters write sparkling copy, and best practices inform the work. Audience testing and management strategies ensure continued success.

Print Media

Print isn’t dead, and V Digital proves it. As a division of Voice Media Group, V Digital can potentially provide print ad reach to over 40 million users. Voice Media Group’s iconic print newspapers alone reach half a million people nationally, and 60 additional publications covering the nation’s top Designated Market Areas offer even more ways for businesses to reach their audiences. The finest, award-winning professional journalism lends authority to V Digital’s clients.

Social Media Management

V Digital Services offers a 10-point strategy to help its clients build brand awareness and engagement on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

They help businesses build brand loyalty and authority, increase traffic, and foster customer care. When customer engagement and care are improved, positive reviews increase, and reputation grows.

Web Development

Full-service web development and design are another of the many digital services offered by V Digital. Quality user experience and good design are non-negotiables for their clients. Website testing and monitoring ensure continued quality. And if you need website hosting, V Digital offers that service too. They’re a one-stop shop for a business website: one of the crucial elements of digital presence.

Franchise Marketing

It takes expert skills to develop effective franchise marketing. People who own franchises want their businesses to stand out yet remain true to the franchise brand. V Digital’s goal is to help a franchise balance large-scale awareness with a local, unique presence. They’ve worked successfully with everyone from national franchise marketing teams to individual franchise owners.

V Digital’s Results

Clients who work with V Digital receive evidence of their return on investment with clear ROI reporting. Client KPIs–Key Performance Indicators–and data points allow the client to see the results of V Digital’s efforts. National recognition from business-centric publications like Inc., Entrepreneur, and Business Journal, as well as the receipt of several national business awards, attests to V Digital’s success.

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