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How to White-Label Your Social Media Management

One of the strongest strategies for taking control of your time as an agency owner is to bring on help. It isn’t always clear how to do that without disrupting the workflow at your agency. We know that finding the right solution can be confusing. To answer your questions, we’ve created this guide with everything you need to know to white-label social media management.

How White-Label Social Media Management Works

To white-label your agency’s social media management services, you’ll need to find the right company. Once you partner with an experienced agency that you trust, they will perform the service. This will include communicating with the client, posting to social media, tracking progress, and strategizing.

Does the Client Know the Service Is White Label?

No, the client should not be aware that the service is white-label. A proper white-label provider will perform the service discretely. This way, everything stays appropriately within the brand of the hired agency. For the client, this means a seamless experience.

At AgencyHub, we have a lot of experience with client communication. We use an anonymous program to securely communicate with clients called 3WayChat. The service provider’s identity is never revealed to the client, and the agency remains part of the communication line. This keeps everything branded and reduces work for the agency.

What Tasks Does White-Label Social Media Management Include?

You don’t see the CEO of many successful businesses running their Facebook Page, LinkedIn account, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. And yet, you do see successful businesses showing up on these platforms and gaining brand recognition. Agencies know this. They know the power of hiring people to perform these tasks.

When you white-label your social media management, you want to find a package that includes what your clients need most. This should include scheduling posts to their various social media accounts. It should also include monitoring activity and tracking progress on their accounts. This helps with strategizing for the future, which can also be included.

What Are the Advantages of White Labeling Social Media Management?

If you run an agency that offers digital marketing services, you probably know how to manage social media accounts. So then, what are the benefits of outsourcing this service? Why not do it yourself? Let’s go over some of the benefits of hiring an expert to perform this service for your brand.


Successful business owners have to spend a lot of time working on the next moves for their company. This is how a company scales. If you’re stuck spending your time on social media management, business growth plateaus.

Time is why a client will hire your agency for social media management. Posting regularly on multiple platforms with a real strategy for growth takes a lot of time. If you can trust an expert to do this, you can spend that time on higher-level tasks.

Low Overhead

You need someone else to run social media management for your clients, so you have the option of hiring someone full-time. Of course, this comes with the costs of both time and money on interviews and training. You’ll also need to train them in the future whenever a social media platform does an update.

When you outsource to a company that’s on top of things, they will stay updated on these things for you.

Builds Reputation

The more services your agency performs, the more positive reviews your agency will accumulate.

More Services

If you’re currently offering social media management yourself, then outsourcing means you can put your focus on another service. If you’re not yet offering social media management, this adds another service to your list on its own. By hiring a high-quality white-label provider, you are opening your agency up to expansion. The more services you can offer your clients, the more business you’re going to do.

Happy Clients

When your clients reach out to hire your agency for a service, you want to be able to say yes. Ideally, you want to be able to say yes to your client without working 100+ hour weeks. When you partner with a versatile white-label agency that can handle your needs, you can say yes. You can tell your clients that you can handle the new workload with ease.

You won’t have to pass up great opportunities if you always have a plan for how business will get done. This leads to more business for your agency, great testimonials from your clients, and peace of mind for yourself.

What Should I Look for in a White-Label Digital Marketing Agency?

Our job at AgencyHub is to be an agency for agencies. A lot of our work is evaluating service providers to find the highest quality partners to work with. As such, as know how hard it can be to find the best fit. Let’s take a look at some criteria for finding the right company to partner with for outsourcing social media management.

Expertise in Multiple Areas

It may be that social media management is the first service you’re going to outsource for your agency. That’s a big moment on your scaling journey. Hopefully, as your agency continues to grow, you’ll have cause to outsource more services in the future. This may be to gain back time on tasks you’re doing yourself or to add a service to your portfolio.

When the time comes, it makes sense to expand your partnership with a white-label agency you already trust. For that to happen, you’ll want to get started with a versatile agency. Look for a white-label social media management agency with multiple areas of expertise in the field. This way, you’ll be able to easily grow with them in the future.

A Trusted and Discrete Form of Communication With Clients

One of the most important parts of the white-label model is that your branding remains consistent. This is why you need an agency that knows how to be completely discrete. At AgencyHub, we use 3WayChat. This tool makes it possible for us to communicate anonymously with clients.

The client gets a smooth experience where they can ask questions and relay important information. Agencies are able to still be involved, seeing what the service provider says to the client. This way, agencies remain always aware of how their outsourced services are handled.

Clear Pricing

For most agencies, the primary goal of outsourcing is to gain back time. This means the outsourcing agency really needs to make things easy for you. Everything is easier with transparent pricing that allows you to plan ahead.

Clear Communication About What Social Media Management Includes

Social media management is about getting posts out there and tracking their progress. A great social media management package can include things like strategizing on your social media. It doesn’t include things like content creation.

You want to find an agency that is very clear about what their social media management package includes. This way you know that expectations are also being clearly set with your clients. A lot of business owners confuse management with creation, SEM management, and more. You need a service that is understandable and defined for your clients.

Social media management doesn’t have to take up all of your personal time. Using a trusted white label agency can help your business grow and give you peace of mind. Visit AgencyHub to find white label services to scale your agency.