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How Much Does Local SEO Cost Per Month?

Local SEO pricing varies widely across the market. In part, this is because the service is highly customizable. Packages can be very minimal and inexpensive or massive and all-encompassing. Affordable local SEO services can help you optimize your client’s presence in local search results without draining your staff resources.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost Per Month?

Establishing Your Client’s Presence Locally vs Building and Maintaining Their Ranking

Building your client’s local SEO rankings requires both an initial investment in auditing and rebuilding their Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) and an ongoing commitment to building and maintaining their business presence as a local institution online.

The ongoing investment very much depends on what they need and how much time and attention you want your agency to invest in maintaining their local SEO profile after it’s set up. There are a number of things that need to be attended to so that you maximize Local SEO results.

In addition, the criteria change often, so part of handling a client’s SEO is keeping up to date on Google’s SEO announcements and making any adjustments that might be necessary on an ongoing basis.

Get Started by Building Your Client’s Google Business Profile

Local SEO and Google Business Profile

A complete Google Business Profile helps ensure that your client appears in searches with local intent, including a specific location, map searches, and “near me” searches. The listing provides easy access to their contact details, including directions to their location.

Further details, such as images and reviews, offer crucial ways for customers to interact with your client’s products and services. Keeping these current helps boost their company profile in search results, as Google prefers more current information.

What Does This Cost?

Typical costs for building a local SEO-optimized Google Business profile as a one-time cost range from $100 to $500+, depending on the size and extent of the business. It’s a time investment of several hours to several days, depending on how much needs to be corrected and how knowledgeable your staff is about Local SEO best-practice.

At AgencyHub, we can set up your client’s Google Business profile for you and four profile posts for $199 per month. This will get them on the map (literally). Our affordable local SEO services use our tried-and-true approach to building your client’s profile, so it’s easy for you to manage on an ongoing basis if you prefer to proceed in-house.

Drive Traffic to your Client’s Site with a Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Strategy

Usually, Google Business profile services are part of a more extensive local SEO campaign. Updating and maintaining your client’s Google Business profile is only the first step in driving search traffic to your content and their business. It is also crucial to keep it current and expand its reach on an ongoing basis.

Update Your Client’s Local Profile to Keep Customers Coming

If there’s one thing businesses learned in 2020, it’s that updating their profile makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, which leads to an increase in conversion. As customers shift toward mobile usage over desktop computers, the time required to find the information they are searching for becomes increasingly important. If a site takes more than five seconds to load, customer engagement is dramatically reduced.

Details like accurate hours, accessibility, and current services offered can make the difference between a customer visit or passing your client’s business by. If they are looking for takeout, for example, but it’s not listed in your client’s current profile, customers are much more likely to pass them by.

Customer Reviews Offer Direct Communication and Engagement

You Need Google Reviews

Customer reviews offer a unique opportunity for you and your client to get early feedback on your client’s status in the community and to address potential problems before they become bigger problems. Responding to comments made by customers dramatically increases engagement and connection to the community.

Potential customers can ask questions for other customers or your client to answer directly. Having current and accurate answers to these questions increases the likelihood of a visit. It also fosters the sense that your client cares about customers enough to pay attention, and they maintain a current presence on their Google Business profile that boosts them in searches.

All these interactions are a net positive for your client’s business, but they all require a significant investment in time and energy from your team to maintain. The research, tracking, responses, and corrections all take time, which your team could spend producing content to engage your client’s growing clientele.

Other Factors that Influence Local SEO Results

Citations in local rankings that link back to your client’s business help establish them as a respected local institution. Tracking down lists, checking to see if they include your client’s business, and contacting the list editor to request your client’s inclusion all take a significant investment in resources.

Links to your client’s site from local authorities significantly improve their overall ranking. Knowing how to build that campaign requires experience and skill and, again, a significant investment in time.

Multiple locations can extend your client’s reach and online local presence. But each additional location amplifies each of these factors, and the time investment and drain on your team becomes even more significant.

It’s In the Details

Successfully boosting your client’s local SEO results requires ongoing attention to detail and connection. It is time-consuming and improved by both skill and experience. There is a lot to keep track of, and it can be very easy to unintentionally drop an important piece only to find your team needing to backtrack and rebuild the progress you had made for your client.

If you don’t already have an SEO expert on staff, bear in mind that it takes 3-6 months to learn the basics and upward of a year or more to become proficient. Google updates the SEO algorithms with some regularity, so the team members responsible for maintaining your clients’ business profiles would also need to invest time and education to keep up to date.

It often makes sense to outsource this skilled labor to a team that offers affordable local SEO services so that you and your team can focus on what you do best: creating content and services to help your clients build their businesses.

Affordable Local SEO Services Offer a Simple Solution

By outsourcing the management of your clients’ Google Business profiles, you can free up your team’s time to work on the specialized development that you use to build your agency. Outsourcing the time-consuming research and detailed work to build your client’s local online reputation allows your team to focus on the big-picture connections.

Letting our team handle the set-up and details of the local SEO process allows your team to dig into building your client’s reach and focus more effectively. They can focus more efficiently on developing an overarching strategy and engaging with creating a product that will do the work for your client. Let us deal with the nuts and bolts so you don’t have to.

Local SEO Optimization Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

local seo is a marathon

AgencyHub offers a package, scaled by the size of the market city, starting at $850 per month. Our local SEO specialists track and handle all these details to ensure that your client’s local reach keeps growing and that they keep seeing stronger search results that will draw them to your content.

SEO is not a process that you can handle in a single pass. It’s an ongoing process that gains momentum over time if it’s well-tended. It takes a significant investment in focus and time to build your client’s reputation and local visibility online. This is what our team does, so yours doesn’t have to.

Visit AgencyHub and chat with one of our SEO experts today to get your clients’ local SEO working for you so you can move forward with building growth for them.