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Google Maps Boost is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility and attract more customers. Here are some key reasons why you should consider investing in Google Maps Boost:

Programmatic SEO

We set up a website that is essentially a directory of  SEO optimized pages for each keyword we are targeting, and each town or unincorporated village obtained from US Census data within the area we are targeting.

It’s a factor of population and demographics

If there are 3 keywords and 100 towns/villages, then there will be 300 pages. An example would be if the keyword was “pest control” and one of the towns was “Round Rock Texas” then the page would be optimized for “pest control round rock texas”

Pages are Optimized

These pages are set up with meta tags and schema for SEO that optimize the page and connect it to the business profile, and ideally this directory is set up on a subdomain of the company website domain so Google will associate this directory to the business.

Why it works

The directory site is set up with a separate Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools and we submit a sitemap to Google to get the pages indexed and ideally ranked in top 3 positions for their relative keywords.

When people find these pages, their page view event is sent back to Google to track that engagement, and this is what influences the profile because the visitor may be located in the town/village and the page content is optimized for that keyword and town/village which gives Google multiple signals that someone from that town/village was actively looking for that “keyword” and they engaged with the site, and if they end up at some point leaving a review, this completes the loop and significantly positively impacts the 3 pack results at that location.

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Google MapBoost

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